420 wonderful listeners in one Tyneside school alone!

Storytelling week in Northumberland Schools: 530 children in 4 schools, and more next week!


Santa can tell stories too! Walltown,Northumberland National Park.

Stargazing and stories in Redesdale, November 2019

Spirit of nature- stories at Northumberlandia, October 2019.


Upon the Roman Wall

Tullie Museum

Dinner and stories in a local pub.

We were Saxons!

Redefest at the old Hut.

Eagling at a First School

At The Sill, for the National Park

Open day at Morpeth Castle

Morpeth Gathering, at the Castle

Saxon Monks

Wood Elves on a night walk.

Stories of the Earth for families

200 years ago at Bolam Lake- who's that behind the tree planters...!

Great place for stories as the smoke curls upwards.

A Yurt in Morpeth Market Place

Stories and music at the Gathering.

Bowes Museum have a story chair.

Morpeth had a storytelling Club for a while.

New Zealand is full of stories!

Celts tell history through stories.

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