“These are magical moments indeed in this modern world when you come across a ‘gem’ like Jim. We invited Jim to hold several workshops at one of the schools. He took on board all of our requests and made incredibly worthwhile suggestions for improvements. What a captivating storyteller he is!”

“Jim shared a wide range of stories with children of different ages and abilities and concentration spans. In my opinion, and in the opinions of others, he held the kids in the palm of his hand. They were captivated and the teachers, myself included, too!”
“All of Jim’s sessions were extremely well presented and thoroughly engaging. The Head Teacher spoke very highly of Jim afterwards because of his ability to engage even our most ‘resistant’ children! They were all hooked!”
“As a staff we found Jim a model of professionalism. He treated everyone with the utmost respect.”

Comments from other projects included:  “Story making was central to the success of the event. Teachers commented on the use of story and role play as a successful vehicle for more subtle learning.”
“Through the stories they were realising that there were other things, that people did have an ordinary life. Not every day was a battle.”
“Entering into the storymaking was often key where broad and deep learning was well demonstrated.”

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